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LUPUS LINK is an Official Newsletter of the Lupus Association (Singapore) - It consist of both English and Chinese Articles.

It is a quarterly publication that featured President's Messages, Announcement, Event highlight, Q & A from expert and letter from Lupus Patients who wish to share their encounter with Lupus.

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April ~ June 2001
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Asian BBQ at the Grand Hyatt Singapore with
Chef Bobby Chinn

It’s a great honor for me to lend my support to the Lupus Association Singapore by hosting the Asian BBQ at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on January 27th, part of the Asian Masters celebration of Asian cuisine. $20 of each ticket sold will be donated to the Lupus Association Singapore.

The LAS is doing an amazing job of both helping people living with Lupus in practical ways and by providing them and their families with a network of support as they cope with the condition. Simply helping sufferers of Lupus to share their experiences and realize they are not alone can offer great comfort.

Lupus is an auto-immune disease which mostly affects women. This means it is almost always someone’s mother, grandmother, daughter, aunt or niece that suffers. If not that, it’s a friend or a co-worker - almost everyone knows someone with Lupus, even if they may not be aware of it. Having always held up the strong women in my family as role models, I wanted to find a way to honor their memories so supporting LAS seemed a natural fit for me.

It was a privilege to be able to visit some sufferers of Lupus with the LAS recently. What stood out for me was the strength and dignity of all of these women who were managing a difficult and and sometime debilitating condition with integrity and even humor. It was humbling.

There is much we still have to learn about Lupus, it’s causes and treatment, and I hope that you will continue your support of the LAS by coming to see me at the event. I’ll be talking about the history and origins of some of the fabulous food you’ll be eating, whisking you off on a whirlwind trip around Asia and the Middle East through the eyes of my World Café TV series which airs on TLC and after that I’ll be taking questions. I hope to see you there to support this great cause!

Advance tickets are available from: http://www.asianmasters.com.sg

You can follow Bobby Chinn on Facebook or Twitter @BobbyChinn

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