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Towner Road, P. O. Box 460, Singapore 322101

Tel / Fax: (65) 6254 9130

Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) is a disease of the immune system that affects women 10 times more than men. Lupus commonly begins in the childbearing years, and rarely in childhood or after menopause. Children are also sometimes affected. In its more serious forms, it can lead to kidney failure and death from a variety of reasons.

SLE can be difficult to diagnose and public awareness of this common illness is still lacking. At the moment, medication can control the progression of the disease but as yet there is no permanent cure. The medication can have serious side-effects. However, with proper treatment, most patients can lead a normal life which includes being employed and raising children.

It is obvious that patients and their families require a considerable amount of support to cope with this illness. Therefore, our association was formed to meet the challenges brought on by SLE. Members comprise mainly patients, their family members, doctors and well-wishers.

The Constitution of the Lupus Association (Singapore) is presented here. Please note that any mistakes found here, if any, were made in the process of transmission and one should refer to the original document for any purposes.


Raising Public Awareness
This is done through talks to various interested parties. The illness has also been highlighted in the media regularly. A quarterly newsletter "LUPUS LINK" is distributed to patients and the members of the Singapore Medical Association.
Patient Education
Educational talks are given bi-monthly on topics related to SLE. These topics cover medical issues as well as practical ones such as buying insurance and improving self-image. A comprehensive pamphlet on SLE is given out to newly diagnosed patients.
Patient Support
There are weekly hospital visits carried out by members who are well to encourage those who have been warded. At the monthly talks. there are psychotherapy sessions led by psychiatrists. Every Wednesday afternoon, members meet for a handicraft session or just have tea together.
Interaction Among Patients
Regular social functions such as barbecues are held to strengthen bonds between patients who often become good friends. Many keep in regular contact with each other.
Interaction with Foreign Lupus Group
Our association participates in regional and international patients' conferences to learn from and share our experiences with these like-minded organizations in other parts of the world.
Assisting Patients
With increasing health costs, many patients face a considerable financial burden. Most need regular check-ups. Some need expensive forms of treatment. Our association has a well organized Welfare Subsidy Scheme to help deserving patients cope with health costs.
Supporting Lupus Research
Our association actively supports research in SLE, hoping that the treatment of this illness will continue to improve as it has done so in the last ten years. Most patients nowadays can survive beyond ten years and many lead normal lives. We look forward to the day when a permanent cure can be found.


We would appreciate your help in the following ways:

  1. Find out about us and the illness we suffer from.
  2. Give us your time. You may have an area of expertise which can benefit our patients. We have volunteers who join us for the hospital visits or contribute to the handicraft sessions.
  3. Monetary donations would be much appreciated and will be responsibly channeled towards the welfare of our patients. Donations are tax-exempt in Singapore.

    Please address your crossed cheque/bank overdraft/postal order/TT to


    and mail it to

    Towner Road, P. O. Box 460, Singapore 322101

    and we will send you a tax-exempt receipt (valid in Singapore only).

We look forward to your support.

Please feel free to address your enquiries to the Lupus Association (Singapore).

Alternatively, you may e-mail Dr. Leong Keng Hong (Vice-President, Lupus Association) directly.

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