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Change of Office Hours
With effect from 1 Dec 2010, Lupus Association's new office hours are as follows :

Monday to Friday 12.00 – 5.00 pm

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Medical Welfare Subsidy
We have now a firmly established welfare subsidy scheme. With rising health costs, many patients and their families are finding it increasingly difficult to cope financially as SLE is a long term illness and some drugs can be very costly, Do avail yourself of this scheme by informing your doctor or call us at 2549130. As the organization needs to be financially healthy for this scheme to succeed, we will also appreciate help in fund-raising efforts. Do inform us of any individuals or groups you may know who are willing to support us.

Ward Visit/Handicraft Session
Ward Visit is on Wednesday 10.30 am, after which we will have lunch together, then move to the Lupus Office at Patient Education centre, Tan Tock Seng Medical Centre #B2/1/109, You are most welcome to come and join us.

Books and educational tapes related to SLE are available. You can borrow them to increase your knowledge of SLE.

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    Ward Visit/Handicraft Session
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