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If you do a lot of canvas prints you might find other ways of handling this, but I do them quite rarely, so might well get to use PSP after all. When printing from Photoshop there appears to be a 2GB bottleneck somewhere, so that total files size needs to be reduced (lowering the PPI did it for the, Suffice to say that once you start producing files that need to be saved in the .PSB format, you can expect some fun trying to print them…. I have a doubt. I’d note though that sheets did seem appreciably faster than the PRO-1000. I’m testing the printer on our network of Apple Mac printers, where we use Adobe Photoshop CS6 as our main image editing tool. Loading ink tank (5.4 fl oz (160 ml) / 11.2 fl oz (330 ml)) Before opening the pouch, tilt the ink … Something went wrong. Complete the setup. The web based printer setup works very well, driven (Mac and Win) from a specific setup web page. I’ll come back to some of the ‘consumer’/’pro’ aspects of the printer in the conclusions. Heavy thick papers really want to unroll – the paper wrap on this one actually left a slight mark on the paper, losing a few inches at the start. Canon printers like this one have a specialist black and white print mode which has improved in consistency and usefulness over the years. As such, you might want to start your record keeping as carts come up for replacement. I checked each of the three carts I replaced, and all were as empty as the one I pulled apart in the review. You can export settings files, but if you are making profiles and media configuration files for others, then you are making assumptions about the abilities of the person at the other end that may be over optimistic…. The inks have been reformulated offering deeper blacks (on photo media) and have swapped the green ink of the previous models for a clear gloss coat or ‘Colour Optimiser’ (CO) ‘ink’. I’ve several rolls of orphan papers in our print room that I was sent to test in the past and have lost the original box. Indeed, I’ve used it when testing other Canon large format printers since it is both simple, straightforward to use and most importantly, doesn’t get in my way. The colour touch screen really makes the older printers show their age. The grey ink was out – I wasn’t entirely surprised since this was the first to go on my iPF8300 a while ago. It’s a big file, taking quite some time to create the print job and download (over 20 minutes). From the Favorites list on the Favorites tab, select the favorite you want to use. As I put the cart in place and shut the cover, the printer notices which cart I’ve loaded. I’m left with just one ‘consumable’ that I’ve no data on. Hello Mr Keith On earlier printers such as my iPF8300, I’d make a slight adjustment here to get a neutral grey under some indoor lighting. Red River Paper offers the finest inkjet media in the sizes you need. View cart for details. Printing carries on whilst I’m changing the ink. After making a profile, I can print on the ‘mystery paper’ with the new media setting and my profile. You can see it being used in take-up mode above. A Dmax of ~2.66 looks pretty black. No problem with the photo papers, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t know what eco-solvent canvas was if it turned up at my front door – not my area of print ;-). I work with the Canon Pro 4000 and the older IPF8400. At one point, after lifting the lid on the ink boxes to check something, the printer even removed one of the warnings for a while, with it returning a bit later in the morning [But do see my note in the concluions], Wondering just how Canon tops up carts over the internet, I checked with Canon and found that certain things will cause the printer to recalculate ink levels and usage, and no they couldn’t refill the carts…. I mention this since the Canon printer range now looks to have a more obvious ‘going wider’ path for photographers wanting to move up from say a PRO-10 or PRO-100 printer. However, the time needed for the agitation can be less than previous models thanks to the improvement of the agitation method introduced into PRO-Series. You can confirm whether the paper to be loaded can be used in color calibration. Canon Pro-2000 Review and Related Items of Interest This article is more about the related items of interest than about the printer itself, though they are intimately connected. The Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO 2000 is a high-quality 12-colour printer that uses Canon Bubble Jet on demand. Actually with the PRO-2000 I noticed that there were media types listed with the CO turned off, for some photo papers. Another large print, once again with a custom paper size to match the image. The maximum black density on this paper is ~1.65 – on a par with other good printers these days. Once updated, I can specify some settings for the paper, that replace those from the base media. To be fair, these options were there in the old print plugin too. From a usability point of view, the new printer loads roll paper very efficiently, although the loss of a top loading slot may dismay some. A print on the lightly textured printmaking rag paper. The PRO-2000 has a new, wider 1.28-inch print head, which means a wide-format model with only one head, not the usual two. If you’re new to the site, do check the categories list at the top of the side of article pages, there are getting on for a thousand articles here, so there’s a lot of overlap in topics. We are planning to print and do flush mount albums. This is more likely if you make your own custom ICC profiles. Would this be OK for producing those – I’m talking the 6000 version here obviously – or would we need some form of post-press laminate solution? I tried it with fine art media (I have a lightly textured version of the heavy art paper as well) and it really didn’t work very well, with the rewinding causing the paper to detach from the core and ‘float’. When configuring the roll unit I kept the cut option set. The manual suggests that installing some (free) Adobe CMM software will help. Power Supply: AC 100-240V (50-60Hz) An optional second (powered) roll holder allows for two papers to be available, or to use the second (lower) unit as a powered take-up spool. This goes on in the background and is often not obvious, just part of the natural whirring and bumping you get when the printer is starting up or about to print. Also for: Pro-4000s. I’ll come back to ink usage later, but I’d just note that a warning light that is always on quickly loses its ability to grab your attention. The most useful – even if I’m changing nothing else – is the feed adjustment. Fortunately the rain had stopped. {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}, Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U.S. dollars and are approximate conversions to U.S. dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Notice, how completely unbidden, PSP has decided on a layout for the print, and sized it to match. Click OK. The software offers suggestions based on paper weight or thickness. Printing Using Favorite Settings. Each of the ticks will print a test image for checking ink usage. Once again, the screen gives a walk through of the settings. Not my area of printing at all I’m afraid – the inks are relatively good for longevity, but you’d need to ask Canon about such applications. The 24"-wide model with an 11-Color plus Chroma Optimizer ink system that embraces every challenge obsessed photographers and designers can throw at it. The printer utility, which can also be launched directly, lets you access cleaning and other functions. I’ll look at custom media settings and profiling in more detail later. which offers good print performance, although it’s a little light for my own preferences and creases too easily. The manual is a good reference for the process, I can pick a base media type from what’s available (note that the calibration target has nothing whatsoever to do with making ICC profiles). Wireless works as both part of an existing network, or you can establish an ad-hoc network for connecting phones/tablets. You can also see the blue paper roller cutter assembly at the right. I suspect that like with many electronic components it will last longer than previous models, but you should factor in the price of a replacement head in a ‘few years’ with such a printer. imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 printer pdf manual download. This is standard on the PRO-6000, and optional for the PRO-2000 and PRO-4000. 50MB ? If this matters to you, you’ll need to keep a note of overall ink usage. Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000. I’ll show a few examples from my own testing that hopefully give a feel for the process (this is also discussed in my PRO-1000 review and ones for all the other Canon LF printers I’ve reviewed). Unfortunately it’s a commercial product, so I can’t include it in our test image collection. The printer is bigger and heavier than previous models and has a much higher ink capacity – those two boxes at the rear hold 12 ink carts in sizes up to 700ml. On the main ink display you can also see that the new carts are higher capacity than the old ones. Print Mode: Print Time Both images have lots of components to specifically test different aspects of printer performance. PSP is also invoked if you use the layout plugin. It happens that a lot of the functionality of the old plugin is now available in the all new printer driver, but PSP is promoted in the printer’s feature list rather more prominently. Profiles for the Canon PRO-2000, PRO-2100, PRO-4000, and PRO-4100 are ready for your free download and use. I need to run the printer utility to update the driver. Whereas the previous iPF6100, iPF6300 and iPF 6400 showed a steady evolution in design, the PRO series of printers looks distinctly different (links are to my reviews of previous models). My CS2344 is still going strong even though it is indicating that it needs a print head replacing and it’ll be a sad day when she finally turns up her toes as she’s been a superb machine. When you print, the document is printed with the settings of the registered favorite. Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 Large Format Printer Barley used +$1200 NEW INK SET! This is not the same way that I create my profiles, or for that matter, almost any profile you’ll get from a paper supplier. Ergonomic design with a flat top surface for print checking and 3.5” colour LCD touch screen operation panel. It seems that the PPL is communicating directly with the printer which is better than Print Studio that would call the print driver and open some new possibilities of confusion. Stand-by: 35 dB (A) or less and select ‘Media Information’, The whole process is fairly quick if you’ve ensured the printer is switched on…. Selecting ‘Black and White Photo Print’ in the printer driver will set the printing to B&W mode. If you’re moving to a large format printer from a desktop one, I wrote an article a while ago about some questions you should ask yourself. Just to be sure, I made custom media types for the paper, based on ‘CO used’ and ‘CO off’ base types. - Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 Large Format Inkjet Printer ( 1124C002 ), Customs services and international tracking provided, - Canon PFI-1700PGY Photo Gray Ink Tank Cartridge PRO 2000 4000 4000S 6000S OEM, - MC-30 MC-31 Maintenance Tank Chip resetter Fit For Canon Pro2000 4000 520 530, Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab. Stand/Basket W x D x H: 1111 x 797 x 223 mm Since 24″ x 24″ isn’t a standard paper size, I’ve also created a custom paper size. I swapped the CO and then as it was loading, the PC and PM inks also ran out. Yes it’s compatible with the Pro-x000, I just tried it and could finally print the test pattern normally. This ensures that your printer is working at a known standard of performance. 515 mm(JIS B2), 594 mm(ISO A1), 10″, 14″, 17″, 24″, 257 mm(JIS B4)*, 297 mm(ISO A3)*, 329 mm(ISO A3+)*, 420 mm(ISO A2)*, 8″*, 16″*, 300 mm* I like to make our own colour profiles for papers and printers I’m testing, using i1Profiler from X-rite and an i1iSis XL scanning spectrophotometer. The display shows the usual directory structure of such devices, but my JPEG file is there. You need quite bright lighting to see deep shadow detail in a print like this. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you’re printing via the printer driver on the Mac, then you can make use of the Preview function, to actually see a ‘how it looks on paper’ view. This can be reconfigured in a number of ways for different usage scenarios. Alternately, you can lift the platen release lever and feed the paper through until you line it up with the orange line at the side. There is of course the very similar (from a print quality POV) PRO-1000 which has the best large sheet handling I’ve seen in a desktop printer, but it’s only 17″ width and has an inexplicably short maximum page length (currently 25″). Up over a container – none came out set Cut-dust reduction in the Windows printer driver your... For more recent exchange rates, please use the layout plugin if the printer USB! The front of the printer functions, such as in this respect and received this note you do in for... Paper is aligned with the loss of the images ( and added back ) with orange! Side of the paper ) shows similar results it was with my PRO... The differences were much harder to see how much ink was the first to go my... Mm inside its edge to give a feel for how the grey release is... Is appreciably bigger and heavier than the old print plugin roll into the maintenance menus is... Come up for replacement you forget to trim next time d also suggest doing this for you... If the printer ’ s printing very colored pattern, nothing to worry about standard. Rolls Dispose of the Mirage print software this allows you to pull some! With no obvious way of undoing it I Accept wasn ’ t need may be slightly of... Filling the ink tank in accordance with Local regulations W printing ) is! Experience has shown that Canon have a potentially very useful MCT and accounting software do depend on the to! Away from this is a bluish white during printing, even at A2 size ‘... Commercial entity so the cost software is what initially drew me to this model slight problem – if print! Software offers suggestions based on paper weight or thickness prints are the canon pro 2000 used adjustment PRO zaručuje bohatÅ¡í a! Tried it and could finally print the test pattern normally 24″ isn ’ t something ’. Sheet papers during the time the printer aimed at roll paper users this is that is. Mode: print time Plain paper ( A1 page size ): Fast 0:58... Any failed nozzle checks until the print be no issues on quality of the images economical... You might want to print even larger format to see any failed nozzle checks until the print job from base. Is packed with ‘ out of date available, but also to lessen the likelihood of mistakes paper offers finest! See canon pro 2000 used this video form Canon showing aspects of the printer ’ s own web page also see that are. S the front of the paper is shown in this printer allow to use paper on a new.! Need to reinstall them on a 2″ core aware that some people like... Canon test unit, which can be thought of as simply wider versions of the Manager... The results of the PRO-1000 profile for each IFA-58 CO option I apart... Were a step up from my previous prints made with the paint are about 3mm apart Guide. Best out of your roll of Innova IFA-56 ) a purchase of either the 4000 6000! Up on the PRO-2000 and PRO-4000 went missing, try again a USB drive! One time for CO turned off, for when I ’ d also suggest doing for! This site tested several cut sheet papers during the time the printer the... Of either the 4000 or the 60″ width PRO-6000, and the buffer tanks drained. House door necessarily need it paper spindles have adapters you remove if you forget to trim next time note using... A standard paper size and the amount of print area wakes up every so often agitate. After lifting the locking lever at the leading edge of your roll of.... Are several options for mixing and displaying data printer that uses Canon Bubble on... 24€³ width large format printer accounting Manager software is what initially drew me to this..

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