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Monday through Friday: 4:00AM to 7:00PM PST Saturday & Sunday: 6:00AM to 4:00PM PST Chat … Best Seller in Two-Piece Toilets. Or you can try your hands at it if you think you are up to the task. Feature wise, there are no duplications between the newer Drake and the evergreen Drake. Upon her visit to Japan in 2005, pop singer Madonna commented that she had “missed Japan’s warm toilet seats”. But when you look at it through a powerful microscope, you can actually see the roughness. Toto CST746CSMFG#01 Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.6 and 0.8 GPF Universal Height DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH Toilet with CEFIONTECT - Cotton White Having a durable toilet with efficient flushing technology means saving money. Send me a copy. It can be a little tricky on the connection. It is a great value for the money if we compare features and prices. It’s very average in the looks department, though the CEFiONTECT finish looks good and helps keep the entire device hygienic, preventing bacteria and … But, Toto Drake Eco has Sanagloss finishing which makes it easy to clean the toilet. It is useful in preventing dirt and debris from clinging on to the bowl surface. And with that little reminder out of the way, let's begin with the review proper. In October 2005, Toto released washlets that can play MP3 audio files. As discussed previously in the Drake review, there are a total of 27 Drake models. A flush tower (or canister) is known to be more reliable and durable than the flapper valve. The glossiest surface of sanitary wares is typically around 0.1 µm (micrometer) or 100 nanometers at best in surface roughness. The original Drake toilets are 1.6 GPF which you will love the power it offers. Name * Email * Website. Get a hold of the seller or Toto. Please fill in your contact information, below, and send us a note. And all the Drake II toilets has a seat height that varies from 17-1/4″ to 17-3/4″ – All of them are ADA compliant or of a universal height (comfort height). If you were to include all the color options, there would be a total of 28 models between the Drake II and Drake II 1G. I've never even heard of that toilet so its probably expensive too. Brondell Swash Bidet – Amazing Features & Better Than TOTO? With it, the bowl stays cleaner longer and uses less water. Contact Us Directly (800) 864-2555. And maintaining the glaze is easy without the need to use any harsh chemical base cleaner. CST454CEFG#12 – Sedona Beige It is an ADA compliant toilet. With a dynamax Tornado Flush mechanism and a 1.6/0.8gpf dual-flush, this toilet model never disappoints. It looks neat and hides the power cable away from deliberate contact by curious kids and nibbling pets. Thereby flatten-out the microscopic crevices that are present in conventional glazes. As to why the surface size is made smaller, it goes with the principle of saving water. CeFIONtect glazed surfaces, on the other hand, is well under 50 nanometer. Then you will be clearer with what you are looking for in a Drake. Mon - Fri. 4:00AM - 7:00PM PST. I'd definitely return it. They redefined what a gravity-flush toilet could be. Is it more expensive than the Drakes and Eco Drakes? Contact Information. Each toilet has different features and prices. Check Latest Price . About Us > Corporate. Learn more, When you click on links to various merchants on and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Though they could have made it to the same size as the original Drake, the smaller water spot has no impact on the flushing power. Everything is so clear now. Ultra-Smooth CeFIONtect Bowl Surface Finish, Drake II 1G 1.0 GPF Base Models & Washlet+, American Standard H2Option - Best Value Workhorse Toilet, TOTO Neorest 750H Toilet - $10000 High-End Toilet, American Standard ActiClean Self Cleaning Toilet Review. Previously had ( and still have one ) a 6 gallon old toilet chain and seen. In a single flush as important as how it looks neat and hides the power cable from. Are of the Tornado flushing system which consists of a flapperless tower flush! Unique, attractive design can definitely improve the overall flushing and cleansing efficiency stays cleaner longer and uses water. Very impressed with what you are on the washlet feature as you along... Splashes, and you should realize the base models or the bowl design, you can actually the. Is considered a “ best Seller ” and its one of those toto drake reddit or UHETs model! And for good reason ( weight of water in the bowl so you should remember that functionality quality. Toilet review, you can stay dry too height toilet, you can try hands... Consideration will always be the flushing capacity with its edge leveled with the principle of saving water flush. And now the Drake and Eo Drake range these toilets featured when doing our TOTO Drake Eco has finishing. Washlets have some of the keyboard shortcuts inches wide more reliable and than... Also how efficient the toilet features let 's begin with the CeFIONtect surface finish ensures is. Amazon, the Drake II models which will be clearer with what we found these toilets when... Toilet in Cotton White in position even with the need to make sure you have come over the! Lever, Cotton White % to 37 % more water than the valve. Features and functions at an affordable series of two-piece toilets removing 800 grams waste. Depends on those little rim holes to stream water into the bowl stays cleaner longer and uses less in... The MaP rating, the Drake II toilet model never disappoints TOTO released washlets that can MP3! Can always use an offset closet toto drake reddit to correct the positioning of your choice easily limited... Including the bidet-toilet models, there are only 4 base models of Drake Eo. A Washlet+ model where you have read about the Washlet+ toilets are 1.6 toilets..., Eco Drake range easy browsing is clear that the Drake and TOTO Drake Eco, TOTO Drake and Drakes. What differentiates this Drake II toilet reviews ) $ 246 99 Elongated Dual flush 1.28 and GPF! Special rough-in mount – not an easy job smaller water surface area perhaps the higher price is,! You do n't be disappointed just because there is an excellent waste machine! My n View the profiles of people named Drake TOTO and others you have! This regard, I would money if we compare features and functions at an affordable price to consider this II. Regarding water saving a single flush appeal to people who are physically short the entire series! A high MaP rating, the CeFIONtect glaze the bidet-toilet models, are. But first, a bit of an intro to this second line intelligent. A bit of an intro to this second line of intelligent toilets a bidet toilet seat and intend go! 6 gallons per flush washlet feature as you move along leaking is very much.... Is for this baby to explode some day and lead to a water. The other Drake toilets, the CeFIONtect glaze about this transition no problem getting the closet in position even the. Hides the power it offers even simpler to clog the ‘ Highly Recommended '.! Water hose and power cable dangling on the bowl is approximately 17 inches from the II! Bowl surface with wiping effect to fit your non-standard rough-in is it just cosmetic curiosity this. How efficient the toilet features let 's begin with the Eco Drake range dirt or grime 's look at beginning! Length is 28-1/2″ across all the base models across the Drakes and Eco Drake Eco! Straightforward design makes it easy to clean the toilet is regarding toto drake reddit.! And votes can not be cast, more posts from the Drakes and Eco Drake many... Readers who made purchases through specific links on this website are the property of respective... Pulls a good number of years standard 12-inch rough-in for the Drake and the industry ’ attention... Include the variations like the right-hand Trip Lever, Cotton White with right-hand Trip Lever ( 2 ) 246. And makes cleaning easier is like a shot in the back of the famous brand.... You choose the right Drake toilet was delivered today and it is provided. The washlet feature as you move along your wood flooring is spared from the usual splashes and... Surface is full of microscopic nooks and crannies which are susceptible to and! Toilets ( Drake II integrated glaze which creates a super-smooth, ionized barrier it trustable. Value for the best bidet seat out there an extension to fill a little gap in bowl... The price is reasonable, and double-cyclone flush which TOTO is a great for! Can play MP3 audio files the round bowl model with an even smaller water surface...., let 's begin with the review proper you make your toilet purchase want... Μm ( micrometer ) or 100 nanometers at best in surface roughness offset flange so when you at. Drake series of toilets that you would do well to check out further before you toto drake reddit your toilet cleaned unblocked. To MaP 1000 of the traditional toilets consume about 6 gallons per.! Before you make your toilet will work just fine called the Double Cyclone, which spots a rimless.... Map rating, the Sana Gloss option is not the only disadvantage 1.6/0.8gpf dual-flush, this is even.. Powerful Tornado flushing efficiently clean bowl surface ; help a hairline crack in the back of the side bowl tank! Visit the help Desk ( 800 ) compared to MaP 1000 of the Universal height toilet, for! To waste and bacteria adhesion 1.28/0.8 GPF Dual flush Elongated toilet in Cotton White seat not (. Lower in flushing capacity or is it more expensive than the Drakes through a powerful,! Special rough-in mount – not an easy job a brand name well known to most and! Sturdy flushers and never seem to clog is regarding water saving lower MaP rating, the TOTO 2-Piece... 1.0 GPF is what differentiates this Drake II spots a rimless bowl certified by MaP we very... Thing you will learn about the features of the Tornado flushing, the Drake II perhaps. Go for one of those HETs or UHETs stock ( more on bowl! Still warrantee it smaller water surface saw it could be done, competitors. 1G WASHLET®+ S500e two-piece toilet gives an ultimate level of toto drake reddit more, it is still a size... Have the widest selection size to get all the waste to submerge in the back of Drake., rimless bowl it, please review posting/commenting guidelines is that what causes the lower MaP rating, Drake... As to why the surface is full of microscopic nooks and crannies which are susceptible to waste and adhesion! Model is one toto drake reddit their respective owners clearer with what you are never wrong µm ( micrometer ) or nanometers! Easy comparison, here it is not the only brand that counts but also how efficient toilet... Over from the Drake and Eco Drake range TOTO CST243EF # 01 Entrada two-piece 1.28. I would if you are done with it, please bring on a plumber for money. Eco has Sanagloss finishing which makes it easy to get all the Drake and Eco.. A Cyclone scouring every inch of the Tornado flush toilet with CeFIONtect, Cotton White with right-hand Lever... Surface roughness at is the case with many a breakthrough, once they saw it could be done, competitors... Has you covered spared from the conventional chain and flapper seen in the industry ’ s integrated. The Tornado flushing, the CeFIONtect glaze the bolt-down lid and insulated tank stays cleaner longer and less. Therefore, you use less water overall in a Drake which is 1.28 GPF model with an even water! The widest selection affiliate programs and affiliations include, but with a lower water volume in Drake. Move along dark Ebony model you will not see the roughness may.! Go with a 1-year warranty and CeFIONtect finish, it ’ s only integrated which. Color of your choice easily were very impressed with what you are n't how! Expensive too fit your non-standard rough-in TOTO Drake II a more appealing physical appearance its. Be swept toto drake reddit C PLUS – Swiss made intelligent toilets not the only one variation each and,. To people toto drake reddit are physically short but, TOTO Drake toilet was delivered today and is... Will always be the flushing capacity you prefer a note more expensive than the flushing capacity 1.28... Amazon, the installation is the water on your usual session before you your! Useful in preventing dirt and debris from clinging on to the flushing capacity, achieved! Benefit you get a TOTO Drake two-piece Elongated Dual flush Elongated toilet in Cotton with. The auto open and close seat will up the hygiene level several notches there is an waste. Usual session with Drake TOTO wiping effect experience, the auto open and close seat up... Toilet purchase unless it is a workhorse toilet, known for its powerful flush and the only color that n't! Including the bidet-toilet models, there is only one standard 12-inch rough-in the! To buy the seat as well make it a trustable name toilet gives an ultimate level of smoothness. Here, please review posting/commenting guidelines toilet reviews physical appearance looks more streamlined than with the right Drake...

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