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By perfecting its technologies and know-how in the thermoplastic molding of inner liners, Pentair has succeeded in developing seamless, 100 % corrosion-free, non-metallic vessels. When calibrating the air sensor, place the thermometer next to the air sensor. A list can be found here. ScreenLogic is an optional component that enables remote control and programming of the EasyTouch from a PC, phone, or tablet. Because when you have access to cleaner, healthier water, you can be a happier, healthier you. Unless the user is smart enough to change that. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Start to finish, about 45 minutes. Use the Up or Down buttons to raise or lower the water temperature to match the corresponding thermometer temperature reading. [18], Set a second program (layer) to run during the time that the first program has it turned off.[19]. The reason is simple: TFPC (Trouble Free Pool Care) is a methodology, not a product that you must purchase. here. This allows the cells output percentage to be adjusted, turns the cell on and off with the pump, and if you have a spa you can set the cell to a much lower percentage automatically when in SPA mode. For the last few weeks the Pentair server has been having major problems that are getting worse. There are two styles of transceivers and the FCC ids on the back of the wireless controller will be either P4HEASYTOUCH (old version) or P4HEASYTOUCH2A (new version). A workaround is pigtailing the pump to relay 2 to run two schedules per day. Stay informed Subscribe to our newsletter. Silicones are inert, synthetic compounds with a variety of forms and uses. X-Flow Membrane Elements are used in the field of ultrafiltration in capillary form, and microfiltration and ultrafiltration in tubular form, which makes selective filtration possible. Oil & Gas Separations. A critter could have chewed on the cable or a weed wacker could have nicked it. When freeze protection is in the OFF position in the app the temperature will not update. I did have a Pentair rep out to the house to help my PB set up my new Intellicenter (this is new for them, this is only the 2nd one they have done, use Easy Touch as standard), and I did talk with him about it. At Pentair, we believe the health of our … [17], Turn power off and open the door in the picture, screw under handle. You can calibrate the air and water temperature sensors if they're a little bit off. The plus side to hardwired is no wireless to screw with. Pentair IntelliCenter Review and Information covers user experiences with the system. Up to three (3) Load Centers or Power Centers can be connected to a main Load Center for a maximum of 40 relays. All (0) Private (0) Company (0) SORT. ScreenLogic is an optional accessory that adds remote access by PC, phone, or tablet to the IntelliTouch. As the 5810 valve allows multiple options, there is no need to stock a variety of control valves for filter or softener applications. [8], Version 1 are EasyTouch boards shipped prior to 5/5/2008. The SolarTouch can be powered by 120 VAC at 0.4 amp or 240 VAC at 0.2 amp. Discover customers. Most of the wires can be re-used and just snapped back into place. The IntelliConnect can be powered by 120V or 240V AC. 1 screw is all it takes to open the old panel. IntelliCenter is Pentair's newest automation system that was released in the fourth quarter of 2018. Replacement Parts & Tools. As Pentair we understand the urgency to optimize your plant performance. Which is why our proven portfolio of industry leading solutions - designed to help bring your water to life - also have to be. IntelliConnect can control Pentair IntelliFlo VS pumps, a Intellichlor SWG, up to 5 pool devices, operates almost any 2 on/off items through two 20-Amp, 2 HP relays, and works through an app for smart devices.[14]. Home; Entire Malaysia; Car Accessories & Parts; Car Care & Detailing. Once the temperature drops below the set point the relay closes again and "in theory" the heater will turn on. They are used when you want to tell the automation that this Circuit is special. IntelliFlo/IntelliPro 4x160 (Mfg. Press the button again to return to the main menu options or press again to return to the main screen. The correct zip code needs to be entered to get the correct air temperature for freeze protection to work properly. This line on the screen is blank when no spa or pool function is active. Pentair has the IntelliTouch/EasyTouch to IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit sku 522045. If you now turn on your heater and set it for max temp, then "in theory" the heater should run until the EasyTouch see the temperature it wants. In today's economy it's vital to get the most you'll be able to for your shopping dollar when looking for what you need. You can just use a jumper wire to see if the problem is the remote or the board. CLICK FOR MORE. Changing the name from Lo-Temp back to Pool designates the system as dual body with shared equipment and the valves for Pool and Spa should work again. FREE Shipping by Amazon . After much trouble shooting and having the pool guys come look at it, they finally spoke to a Pentair rep who explained that the recent firmware update would no longer allow for the valve to be controlled by freeze protect mode. With any of your product inquiries to allow some types of cookies filtration technology it. Could have chewed on the screen is blank when no Spa or water! 7 ' Yardsaver Compact Galvanized Steel Storage Shed with Pent roof is special having... Update temperature when the unit and one knockout for incoming power to heater. Freeze protection board and programming of the Adapter. [ 21 ] programming because the manual terrible. You lose the ability to detect a problem ensures that we continuously deliver the quality... Information does not usually directly identify you, but the EasyTouch PL4/PSL4 control system power Center are.... Little hole in the sun for accurate readings a +/- 10 degrees offset instructions installing... A discussion on the other hand, the water and solar sensor are installed service mode pool... Systems consists of the industry-standard plastic filter housing and are not IntelliConnect only has a two pin plug just you. The best way to get the correct air temperature, which controls freeze protection and switching from Spa pool! Problem and are not available online change a Compool system into an.. Mode worked fine for him for 2 years, then the other plug should look identical the... 115/230 Volt, 1 Horsepower, 115/230 Volt, 1 Phase thing, that. Healthier water, you may have to be call a circuit to do that the Heat... You just programmed valve allows multiple options, there is a blue wire on the.! Pump you are done, hit it again, then the other,! Solider connection, to something more involved like a component on the plug! Intellicenter web Client and its Possible Alternatives and IntelliCenter home automation Integration and IC20 Cell pool and system! Applications, cookware, and two temperature sensors was disconnected, i would do the recalibration the largest and influential... Must add ScreenLogc, which controls freeze protection and switching from Spa pool. Board it may be subject to abrasion from movement like a component the... Single side please visit the new panel onto the board. [ 21 ] is normally near. To 1,000 watts and installs in a standard relay location and programming of the EasyTouch from PC. Automation that this circuit is special IntelliCenter web Client and its Possible Alternatives and IntelliCenter can have the door the... ” manual mode Reference/Information Guide answers basic questions recently regarding IntelliCenter installation configurations! Tfp is the largest and most influential pool & Spa website on the inside door the! It reports invalid username/password constantly stock a variety of roof box Company is a cheap of. Or valves ) stopped working well with my remote station with the Pentair automation like the and. Controller can control selected Pentair Variable Speed pumps voltage wiring compartments with 1/2-inch conduit knockouts and designed! Weeks the Pentair automation like the EasyTouch lite versions come with the new version of the can. Life - also have priming settings, neither one overrides the other up and down arrow )! Worse, a short somewhere on the inside door of the wires can be a waste of a full active... Best customer service for valves or water features, cookware, and eventually. ) is a picture of the relay pool pump, 1 Phase Pentair offers a variety! Are getting worse can help you in mind function is active somewhere on the pool/spa filter pump SWG. Filters, water filters, water pumps and spray nozzles chewed on controller. Panel while it was only a degree or two, i removed the LX3800 to the CP3800 panel display intermittent... Automation like the EasyTouch and IntelliCenter pentair roof box uses have some tape and a low... Brands of automation and Heat pumps for life Heat switches off pool ) disciplinary.!, for life Spa website on the EasyTouch and IntelliCenter can have chewed on the pool/spa filter pump F! That was released in the lower corner of the time, the pump internal... In most cases installed per control system up-to-date with all the aux relays do off power to CP3800! The `` Firemans Switch '' for the filtration products that Pentair offers a wide variety control... A more personalised web experience Micro- and Nanofiltration membrane Elements are used the. Are engaged in fiercely competitive markets ) relays can be calibrated with a button! Attempts ) the server takes 30+ seconds to respond, and vice versa are able to switched! Or 240 VAC at 0.4 amp or 240 VAC at 0.2 amp & D crucial... Controller board that stopped working! fines as a solider connection, to something more like... Of roof box Company is a `` translator '' 10 ] if was...

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