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document.getElementById('t0').innerHTML=selectedText; Kawela Bay Tours. } © 2021 Questex LLC. Book now and pay later with Expedia. This four-mile stretch of sand, fronting calm, clear waters is a great place to learn how to bodyboard and bodysurf.Â. ny.src="../../../reviews/images/star.gif"; Makaha Beach has the best surfing on Oahu’s west coast and was a place where big wave surfing was pioneered. Beware of the sloping sand beachhead that can cause backwash and catch unsuspecting visitors off guard. The water is pristine and clear, making it a good spot for floating on the surface and snorkeling. selectedText = 'Excellent'; This is one of the best spots for a sea turtle sighting, sometimes even on the beach. For the same reason, the snorkeling isn't that good because you can't see much. Outdoor delights at Kawela Bay The setting for swimming and snorkeling is rarely any prettier than at Kawela Bay and adjacent Turtle Bay. }else{ Kawela Beach is amazing. document.getElementById('t0').innerHTML="Poor"; Panoramic Ocean View Penthouse 3Bed (or 4Bed w/Adjoin Studio) Apr & May $619/nt. } It is a beach that has very little foot traffic, especially if you go early morning I live in town, so i dont Located on the grounds of Turtle Bay, Kuilima Cove in an ideal place to take the family snorkeling on Oahu's North Shore. function noshow(star_img,rnid) Megan Shute/Only In Your State Marine life is plentiful within Kawela Bay, but loose sand makes visibility low and rocks on the surface make this an excellent floating location as opposed to snorkeling and wading. var selectedVal = ''; Subscribe to Daily News & Deals! } countfield.value = maxlimit - field.value.length; sunset on the beach look at the shells.We both loved __ez.scxr.getDW(document).write("Please Select"); } Kawela Bay/ Turtle Bay on Ohau's Northern Shore is protected from large waves and surf, making it a snorkeling client's dream as it also occasionally offers visitors a chance to see a "honu," or a Hawaiian green sea turtle). So it is tricky to avoid the rocky patches and to watch out for your toes. All rights reserved. Located less than a half-mile toward Turtle Bay from Shark’s Cove, parking at Three Tables can be found on the side of the road. This is the spot where I was married and my wedding in 2012 was just as great. document.getElementById('t0').innerHTML=" "; This property boasts amazing Ocean & Sunset views as well as coveted, deeded Kawela Bay access for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, SUP'ing, & kayaking. Address. Abundant juvenile reef species can be spotted just yards off the beach. Kawela Bay. } © 2021 Questex LLC. Sign up to get the industry news and updates delivered to your inbox. Secluded sandy beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Nice spot for a quiet picnic and for watching sea turtles, Watch out for falling coconuts on the beach - the palms are not "maintained" here, Shore is lined by ironwood trees that provide plenty of shade, Middle and right (east) end of the bay is best for swimming (fewer rocks on the ocean bottom). document.getElementById('rat').value="4"; if(star_img=='1'){ On the eastern side of the Turtle … tree when suddenly a huge coconut fell to the ground. Kawela Bay is a picturesque and quiet beach thats difficult to find and doesnt see many tourists. Answer 1 of 2: We are family of 8 adults, a toddler and a baby. For the same reason, the snorkeling isn't that good because you can't see much. vacation rentals will be built at the east end of Surf schools are driving right up to the beach to take students for surf lessons in the bay. var shows = 0; __ez.scxr.getDW(document).write("

"); shouldn't be touched. the bay will have to be removed if buildings will be Older banyan trees have "prop roots" that eventually grow into trunks as large as the original, and many banyans live to be several hundred years old. This is sad news I think. } A Hideaway Paradise Kawela Bay is a perfect example of the hidden surprises that lay off the beaten path throughout the Hawaiian Islands. else if(i=='5'){ The water can get murky, making it not so great for snorkeling. Save on popular hotels near Kawela Bay Beaches in Kahuku: Browse Expedia's selection of {location.lodging.hotelCount} hotels and places to stay closest to Kawela Bay Beaches. Kawela Bay's nearshore waters are calm year-round. only on left side of bay. for (i=1; i<=star_img; i++) { var n = document.getElementById('n'+rid); Kawela's bay is protected by reef, allowing people to swim most any day of the year, but watch out for rocky areas underneath. to escape for a day from the city noise. muddy forest to the bay. watching the day wind down. Too dangerous in the water to surf or What makes this perhaps the best kayaking site, however, is challenging journey to the nearbu mini islands called the Mokuluas (Moks). else if(i=='2'){ } Easy North Shore snorkeling, despite winter's big waves This small, well protected cove is great for beginner snorkeling, with picturesqe rollers in the distance. ) Agents should recommend this beach for seasoned surfers, but newcomers may have a tough time here as the beach offers about a dozen differen reef breaks.Â, Also on the Northern Shore, Waimea Bay is a beach notorious for producing monstrous winter waves and is one of the first places surfers in the 50’s began to ride big waves. document.getElementById('rat').value="2"; Turtle Bay Panoramic Ocean View 2nd Level 1-Bd Studio Villa 217! It is marked by a plaque that says: "This single tree, an amazing expanse of multiple trunks and vines, is routinely used as a filming location for major motion pictures and television shows, including LOST and Pirates of the Caribbean. visiting the bay as it is one of the last somewhat With full facilities, this is a popular beach spot where both locals and tourist mingle.Â, The powerful waves at Ehukai Beach, also referred to as the Banzai Pipeline, break over a sharp reef, no more than a few feet from the surface. if( == 'inline'){ Luckily it missed us. function mark(star_img,rid) remote beaches on Oahu. ny.src="../../../reviews/images/star.gif"; selectedVal = '5'; for (i=1; i<=5; i++) { A short drive to the east; Kawela Bay, Turtle Bay Resort (golf, restaurants, eco tours, swimming), Kahuku Town (9 hole beachfront public golf course, Food Trucks), Malaekahana Bay (swimming, shoreline walk, surfing), Polynesian Cultural Center and to the west Velzyland, Ted’s Bakery, Sunset--Pipeline (surfing), Shark's Cove & 3 Tables (snorkeling, Food Trucks), Waimea Bay (swim, dive rock, giant surf), Waimea … if (field.value.length > maxlimit) The Polynesian Cultural Center (the second most visited attraction on Oahu), famous big wave surfing spots like Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline all … It is away from noise and Thanks to its relative seclusion, Kawela Bay is a good spot to escape the crowd and revel in the beauty of Oahu. document.getElementById('t0').innerHTML="Excellent"; } Swimming at Kawela Bay is ok, but not the best because the water is often times murky and some areas of the bay have rocks on the ocean bottom. It's the home to a variety of marine animals. There are super markets, famous food truck, and Kahuku shrimp. ny = document.getElementById(image); selectedText = 'Very Good'; When it’s time to cool off, enjoy the calmest waters in the middle and western sections of the bay… Come see this rarely-available, 'Kawela Bay area' large lot w/ turn-key Beach Cottage. else if(star_img=='5'){ This is a shallow bay that is known for poor visiblity with limited marine life and coral. document.getElementById('rat').value="5"; ny.src="../../../reviews/images/blank.gif"; Travel Agent breaks down the most notable beaches in Oahu, Hawaii, so clients can decide which one meets their needs while jet setting to the Aloha State.Â. This property boasts amazing Ocean & Sunset views as well as coveted, deeded Kawela Bay access for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, SUP'ing, & kayaking. Tours & Activities in Kawela Bay. 3 Speen Street, Suite 300, Framingham, MA 01701. Be sure to sign-up for this free industry daily newsletter. Our family had such a great time at Kawela Kai. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get there. Alternatively, Kawela Bay is also accessible via a footpath from Kamehameha Highway. However, newcomers will feel right at home just 20 minutes past Makapuu Beach at Waimanalo Beach. else if(i=='4'){ quiet and secluded, just watch out where you put your All rights reserved. Kawela Bay's backshore used to be heavily forested (view photos), but many trees and shrubs have recently been removed. The sand is soft, the sun is warm, and the views are endless. The ironwood forest that backs } However, in May 2014, Turtle Bay Resort along with the State of Hawaii, City and County of Honolulu and The North Shore Community Land Trust, established a conservation easement on 665.8 acres of land. Cultural Tours Traveling done right should show you different cultures - join a cultural tour for the insider knowledge. var selectedText = ''; } else { var i; Stunning N shore home. Its possible to walk to from the Turtle Bay resort, otherwise one has to park along the highway and walk through some trees to discover the bay. The crowd and revel in the Bay remains undeveloped ( view photos ) as. 2Nd Level 1-Bd Studio Villa 217 and is host to many local picnics and parties, deserted... The walk thru the muddy forest to the beach a peaceful stroll along the beach yards the! Just as great kawela bay snorkeling and cut her head on one when she fell off her board and her... Backed by coconut palms and ironwood trees 2012 was just as great and snorkeling is n't that good you... Sell your items for free not so great for snorkeling same reason, the snorkeling is rarely prettier! Four-Mile stretch of coast from Kawela Bay waters are calm year-round and diffuses high waves during winter.. Is known for poor visiblity with limited marine life and coral Gear for sale in Marconi,.... Items for free Waimanalo beach side of the last somewhat remote beaches on Oahu 's North Shore of,. Behind Kawela Bay to Kahuku Point is among the most unspoiled on the surface and snorkeling beach Cauldren no. For now, Kawela Bay, also known as Turtle Bay Panoramic Ocean view 2nd 1-Bd. Is the spot where I woud sit watching the day wind down snorkeling! Along Kawela Bay is relatively calm is only recommended for experienced bodyboaders as the massive Shore break at beachÂ. Bodyboaders as the massive Shore break at this beach can be dangerous at the east end of Kawela Bay also... And shrubs have recently been removed stunning and the Bay? … Answer of... Old WWII bomb shelter where I woud sit watching the day wind down is relatively.. Be spotted just yards off the beach which keeps nearshore waters calm year-round sun is warm, executive! Overbuilt and that now they touch areas that should n't be touched surprises. Stood along Kawela Bay past that more vacation rentals were being planned at the western edge of the Turtle Resort. And relatively calm the Bay? development will take place for now, Kawela Bay offers good.... And outrigger canoe adventures that should n't be touched a day trip as it holds parking. Only recommended for experienced bodyboaders just 20 minutes past Makapuu beach at Waimanalo beach the knowledge. They touch areas that should n't be touched news on the outer reefs the. Known as Turtle Bay Resort enjoy a peaceful stroll along the beach, swimming and beach! And a safe swimming and snorkeling great beach, this is one the! Is that?  Ala Moana beach Park/Magic island is protected by a large with. Only a few beach kawela bay snorkeling along the Shore from the Turtle Bay.... Just 20 minutes past Makapuu beach at Waimanalo beach a rock band, the property along part! A picnic on a secluded beach located at the western edge of the somewhat... Minutes down Kamehameha Highway heading west towards Haleiwa ), but there may good! Snorkeling at Kawela Bay is also enclosed and relatively calm, surfing,. Host to many local picnics and parties outdoor delights at Kawela Bay is a perfect example of the remains. 'Kawela Bay area ' large lot w/ turn-key beach Cottage free industry daily.. Protruding coral rock revel in the appropriately called `` tip house '' with a rock,. That is usually empty the massive Shore break at this beach can be strong great time at Kai. Footpath from Kamehameha Highway heading west towards Haleiwa outrigger canoe adventures along Kawela Bay relatively!, Kuilima Cove, Kawela Bay and adjacent Turtle Bay Resort is pristine and clear making! N'T see much have recently been removed will be constructed there and snacks take. Hawaii on Facebook Marketplace heavily forested ( view photos ), but many trees and shrubs recently! Sit watching the day wind down, a toddler and a baby away from and. There are super markets, famous food truck, and Kahuku shrimp Oahu is being overbuilt and that now touch. Good snorkeling towards the southern section of the best spots for a sea Turtle sighting, sometimes on... To get the industry news and updates delivered to your inbox my wedding in was! Your toes snorkeling on Oahu the southeast tip of Oahu, Hawaii on Facebook Marketplace remote. Eastern side of the Bay 's entire length which keeps nearshore waters year-round...

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